Currently, the HTC has four major initiatives of vital importance to the membership and technical community:

HTC Focus for 2020

Work with and assist the NMSU Arrowhead Center, the College of Engineering and other NMSU Colleges, as applicable, in championing and showcasing technology research and innovation projects.  Continue to highlight and support private sector technology growth and employment opportunities in southern New Mexico

  • Broadband
  • Digital Media
  • Homeland Security
  • Commercial Space Initiatives

The membership participates in a variety of activities to promote and advance these focus areas. For instance, the HTC has hosted a number of public education events, including technology showcases focusing on broadband, digital media and homeland security.

To further the commercial space industry, the organization assisted with the X PRIZE Cup competition, developed strategies to help local businesses benefit from the new industry, and continues to educate communities on the opportunities the space industry will bring to Southern New Mexico.



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