High Tech

Dr. Ed Pines is President of the High Tech Consortium (HTC) of southern New Mexico, which focuses on the retention and growth of technology companies in the region and whose goal is “to make New Mexico a regional technology leader and national center for technical excellence.”

Richard Majestic says the public lands surrounding Las Cruces are an important plus for the region— they are why he moved the area and a tool HTC uses to recruit new businesses.

He sees a number of resources fitting integrally together as foundations of Las Cruces’ future: strong engineering programs at New Mexico State University, a vital community of high technology businesses that hire graduates and export knowledge and products, and a world class quality of life that helps to retain the best faculty, students, and entrepreneurs. HTC supports new protections for surrounding public lands, and not only because alongside more traditional business incentives they give Las Cruces a competitive edge. The Jornada Aquifer, which lies below the city is one of the cleanest in southern New Mexico, could easily be degraded by development on surrounding BLM lands. According to Richard, “Water is the scarcest resource in southern New Mexico, and the quality and quantity of water is a primary concern for HTC as we pursue our business-focused mission.”

From Doña Ana County’s Public Lands and Economic Prosperity report from Headwaters Economics organization 01-2012



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