About Us

HTC was created in 2002 with a vision to establish Southern New Mexico as a center of technology growth and excellence. HTC brings together the best of the area’s business and academic resources in a focused program to support the creation of a vibrant technology industry in Southern NM. The HTC is a IRS catigory 501(c)(3) NM corporation

Our overall objectives are to:

  • Promote a business atmosphere conducive for growing the high-tech sector in southern New Mexico.
  • Become the regional voice representing and advocating the interests of the technology sector.
  • Establish partnerships that promote high-tech industries in southern New Mexico.
  • Support the development and retention of a qualified high-tech workforce in the region.
  • Actively foster an environment that produces excellence in education at all levels.

Last year was an exciting period of growth for HTC.  During this year we have accomplished much and are continuing to be a very active voice in the high tech area within southern NM. 

  • NMTC, the up-north Tech Council presentation
  • Supercomputing in NM, Dr. Shaun Cooper
  • CALCULEX, mission data recording and company overview
  • IMAC, software solutions for Government and Business
  • The Bridge, programs for HS education
  • QWEST a performance review and CenturyLink buyout announcement
  • ISPCS Symposium update
  • BEST, Robotics competition for HS students
  • Innovate-Educate, educational initiative
  • Digital Media Summit, CMI, CMT and SIGGRAPH
  • Joining forces with similar companies for recruiting, business development and policy leverage in conjunction with Space Port Authority, LCCC, MVEDA, NMSU and the City of Las Cruces
  • HTC participated in Innovate-Educate regional meeting
  • HTC had a booth and participated in the ISPCS convention
  • HTC was represented at the Spaceport runway dedication
  • HTC supported and participated in the BEST Robotics Contest
  • Your HTC planned and managed the HTC Digital Media Summit in conjunction with a CMI, CMT and SIGGRAPH, a regional meeting for southern NM
  • HTC year-end Reception and gathering, an annual event



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